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Welcome to the Travel Insurance Marketplace.
Our goal is to make finding the right travel insurance at the best price as easy as possible.
The language of travel insurance is not always that easy to understand. There are many details that you may find confusing. Here at the Travel Insurance Marketplace we’re going to take some of the mystery out of buying travel protection. After all, you have spent time and money planning your trip, it only makes sense to protect that investment in the best way you can.
STEP 1 – Learn About Available Coverages

Make sure you are familiar with the various coverages that are available. You can access the handy buyer’s guide here. This will help you understand what the various coverages provide as well as situations that are not covered. This will help you decide which are important for your situation and how much coverage you’ll want to have.

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STEP 2 – Consider Which Plan Type is Best For You

Check out the various plan types. This will help you decide whether a standard package plan is what you need or whether one of the other specialized plans would better suite you. Depending on how many trips you may be taking you might be able to save money with an annual travel plan.

⇒ Available Plan Types Explained

STEP 3 – Get Comparative Quotes

When you are ready to compare policies get a comparative quote from the leading travel insurance carriers. It is simple to do any only takes a few minutes. You get back quotes that you can compare side by side to help you decide which will give you the most value for your travel dollar. The best way to buy any travel insurance is get free comparative first.

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Before You Depart

Check out our travel trips section for ideas on making your travel fun and with fewer hassles. Being prepared can save you a lot of headaches. If you’re traveling out of the country, check out the travel alerts section for any travel warnings or alerts that may have been issued for any destinations on your itinerary.

With your travel insurance in place, you’re ready to enjoy that vacation with the peace of mind that goes with knowing if something unfortunately happens, you made the wise decision to protect your travel investment.

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Enjoy your Trip!