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Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

accidental dealth and dismembermentAccidental death and dismemberment coverage or AD&D as it is commonly known, covers death by accident rather than from natural causes or illness.

The dismemberment portion of AD&D coverage involves the loss of bodily parts usually limbs or eyesight or permanent paralysis from accidental causes. Partial loss is also included for reimbursement.

Coverage Reimbursement

You will find a schedule in the policy that lays out amounts for total and partial reimbursement. Partial reimbursement would be paid out in the case of the loss of one limb or sight in one eye. Policies differ in their coverage limits so you need to read and understand the coverage limits any policy you buy. But the usual case is for 100% reimbursement there would need to be the loss of at least two limbs or sight in both eyes.

What is not covered? 

Since this is accident insurance items such as the following would not be covered:

  • Death as of direct result of any sickness or illness
  • Death that may occur during or as a result of surgery unless the surgery was needed as the result of an accident
  • Death as a result of mental illness
  • Death due to drug overdose

What Type of AD&D insurance do you need? 

There are several questions you should ask yourself when buying AD&D insurance. First is what level of coverage do you want? Do you want coverage around the clock (24/7) for any accident that occurs while on your trip?

Do you want common carrier coverage? This is what you want if you are going to be traveling on a licensed common carrier such as a bus, train, ferry, taxi or plane. It is important to remember that a cruise ship is not covered under this.

May be you want just flight accident coverage which as the name implies is coverage while on a regularly scheduled airline flight or chartered flight.


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