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New Security Check

If you’re planning on taking a trip to destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa getting back into the U.S. will likely involve heightened security checks at the airports. The TSA has announced new restrictions on electronic devices passengers carry onboard flights from these countries bound for the U.S. The message is don’t show [...]

Winter travel tips

Well in case you haven’t noticed both the holidays and winter is upon us. That means two things. A lot more people will be traveling and the weather is probably not going to cooperate. It would be nice if there was some way to avoid all the hassle. Unfortunately there isn't. But if you’re going [...]

Travel Insurance

So many people often ask me why I'm always recommending travel insurance. Because this is such an important question I'm going to answer it right here. A lot of my friends tell me they're not all that worried about their luggage getting lost or delayed flights and missed connections.That's what traveling is all about these [...]

Terrorism Coverage

Given the conditions around the world today, it’s no surprise that people are wondering just what a travel insurance policy covers when it comes to acts of terrorism. Depending on where you will be traveling this can be a significant issue that you should consider. Here is where you need to be familiar with the [...]

Scuba diving coverage

What can happen if you under insure a vacation? The cause of this is usually when extra excursions or activities are added to an itinerary after the trip has been paid for and the travel insurance is purchased. Travel insurance is based on the cost of all travel costs. If you add items to your [...]

Good Travel Insurance

Medical travel insurance is a critical piece of any good travel insurance plan. Now most people don’t think they will ever get sick or injured while they’re on vacation or traveling on a business trip. But what happens if you do need medical assistance? Even more importantly what happens if you need emergency medical treatment [...]