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Cruise Travel Insurance

Cruise Travel InsuranceI get asked many times about cruise insurance. Many people want to know if they should bother with it. Well that’s simple to answer. If you’re a risk taker then maybe you don’t want to pay the added cost, but for most people it is certainly worth the added expense.

What If?

Cruise insurance is travel insurance. Just ask yourself what is going to happen if my flight is delayed and I miss the ship’s sailing? What if the ship sails and later you find your luggage isn’t with you? What if that luggage contained some badly needed prescription medicine? What if you or someone traveling with you gets seriously ill and needs to be evacuated to a hospital for treatment? What will that cost?

The point is cruise travel insurance is always needed just as travel insurance is needed.  In fact, the same coverages in travel insurance plans cover you whether you are going on a cruise or traveling through Europe. You need the same coverages for trip cancellation and trip interruption. You want the same medical travel insurance coverages as well.

Where Should You Get it?

The real question you should be asking about cruise insurance is “where should I get it?” When you book your cruise you will generally have the option to include cruise travel insurance from the cruise line. But you will probably find a cheaper price if you shop around on your own. Many policies from independent insurance companies will offer more extensive coverages and/or be less expensive. For example, if you’re traveling with your family you might find some plans that insure your children for free. Plus, any insurance from a cruise line probably won’t insure you against the financial default of the cruise line. An independent policy probably will. While this might not be the most likely event to occur, it could happen.

When to get it

Most third party insurance plans will offer will offer a variety of coverage options giving you more ability to tailor the plan to fit your specific needs more closely. So before you make the decision on where to buy that cruise travel insurance do a little comparison shopping. But don’t wait too long to make that decision. If you do you’re liable to lose some of the benefits of the plan. Most plans will not cover certain items if you don’t buy the travel insurance with a specified time of purchasing your cruise package.

Since your planning on a cruise, don’t forget about hurricanes.  You won’t be covered for any trip interruption or cancellation if you buy your insurance after a hurricane has been named. So check the weather if this might affect you.

Protect that investment you’ve made in that dream cruise and save money in the process. If you do a little research you may find that you can save yourself some cash. Take it and have some added fun on your trip.

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