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Is Terrorism Covered By Travel Insurance?

Terrorism Coverage

Given the conditions around the world today, it’s no surprise that people are wondering just what a travel insurance policy covers when it comes to acts of terrorism.

Depending on where you will be traveling this can be a significant issue that you should consider.

Here is where you need to be familiar with the fine print in your policy; specifically several terms that are defined there and the limitations and exclusions that your policy contains.

War, Civil Unrest and Disobedience

Most policies will make a distinction between an act of terrorism and other disturbances caused by civil disobedience or civil unrest. These policies will have specific exclusions for wars declared and undeclared, riots, insurrection or other acts of civil disobedience. Being excluded means that you will not be covered if you were to sustain any injuries as a result of these acts.

Acts of Terrorism

When it comes to terrorism, this is treated differently.  Most policies state that any acts of terrorism must actually occur and they must be declared as acts of terrorism by the appropriate government involved. This means that just because there may be a threat of terrorism, benefits will not be paid to cover cancellation (unless you have cancel for any reason coverage) or early termination of your trip.

It is usually also stated that the act of terrorism must have occurred in a location listed on your itinerary within 3o days of your scheduled visit. This can mean that just because you are scheduled to be near a location where a terrorist act occurred, benefits will probably not be paid under the policy.

Check Your Specific Policy Terms

If this is an issue you are concerned about you need to check the specifics of your policy. Call your carrier and discuss the situation to see what is and is not covered. As we have said many times before, all policies are different. You need to understand yours.

Unfortunately we all know that no place is guaranteed to be safe from acts of terrorism. When you travel stay alert and heed any government travel alerts and warnings.

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