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Medical Evacuation Travel Plans

Medical Evacuation Travel PlansNot everybody wants or needs a complete travel insurance package. While a comprehensive travel insurance package is always a good choice, there are circumstances where you might only want a particular type of coverage.

Evacuation travel insurance is one type of travel insurance that can be purchased by itself or with a limited number of options.

What is Medical Evacuation Travel Insurance?

Evacuation travel insurance is designed to provide emergency medical evacuation and sometimes coverage for other necessary evacuations such as for security and protection. They usually also include repatriation to get you back home when necessary.

Plans vary in coverage but some are available on a trip or annual basis. Usually they do not cover medical or dental expenses or the other usual travel insurance coverages such as trip cancellation or interruption normally associated with travel insurance package plans.

Why Would You Want a Medical Evacuation Insurance Policy? 

There are several reasons why one might want or need just medical evacuation protection.

  • Business travelers who may have other medical and/or travel protection through their employer but want the protection and security of knowing they are covered in case they need to be medically evacuated.
  • Traveling in isolated or remote regions where the danger of disease or injury may be higher would warrant the need to have special coverage for medical evacuation in addition to other coverages you may have.
  • Individuals who are required to work in or travel to regions subject to political unrest will want to have adequate evacuation protection and not just for medical emergencies but also for security evacuations if it becomes necessary.

What Coverages Can be Found in Medical evacuation Travel Insurance? 

  • Most plans of this type are focused just on situations requiring medical evacuations however, some will provide security evacuation services.
  • Repatriation to get you back home after you have received medical care is also usually included.
  • Varying coverage periods depending on the plan the can range from3 to 12 months
  • Travel assistance services and/or concierge services again are plan dependent.


  • Security evacuations may be limited and not available in areas where the U.S. government has issued travel restrictions.
  • You must be a specified distance from your home base – usually at least 100 miles.
  • Medical and dental expenses may not be available with these plans – only transportation.
  • There may be no AD&D or flight accident insurance coverage included in these plans.

How do you find the right Medical Evacuation Plans? 

You need to compare the options and quotes from leading insurance carriers that offer this type of plan. The easiest way to do this is to get online quotes where you can compare costs and coverages. Before you buy, make sure you read and understand the description of the coverages that is provided. If you have any questions contact the carrier for more information.