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Special Travel Insurance Coverages

risky-adventuresThe travel insurance industry has recognized that there are many special situations that travelers may find themselves in.

There are vacation activities that need special coverages in order to provide adequate protection against injury and loss. For these situations there are numerous specialty packages and coverages offered by most insurers.

Here is a list of some that you might find yourself in need of for your particular situation.

Adventure/hazardous activities

This one is often times overlooked. What insurance carriers call adventure or hazardous activities sometimes doesn’t seem so to the traveler. Activities that many would not consider especially hazardous are viewed so by insurance carriers. Most policies will cover modest activities such as camping and hiking. But things such as scuba diving, rock climbing, hang gliding many not be.

Adventure travel insurance has been designed to cover these types of activities. The difficulty can arise if you participate in these kinds of activities on the spur of the moment while on your trip. The plan you purchased may not cover you. This is where planning ahead will make a big difference.

Sports Activities

Most travel insurance policies do not cover injuries sustained while participating in sports activities. This can include student sports activities while abroad. If you are carrying expensive sports equipment with you such as skis, golf clubs or bikes, these will probably not be covered for loss or damage by the normal travel insurance policy.

A sports activity travel policy will add specific medical coverages for sports related injuries as well as equipment loss and damage coverage. If you are planning to participate in sports activities while traveling, you should make sure your have the right kind of coverage. Read the policy benefits carefully. If you have questions call the carrier and discuss your situation.

Emergency medical reunion/visitation

If you should suffer serious illness or injury or need to be evacuated for proper medical treatment if may be necessary for a close friend or relative not traveling with you to be present. This can be especially important if small children are involved.

This coverage will pay for the travel and hotel expenses for one person to be brought to the location of the hospitalized traveler. It’s hard to plan for these kinds of situations ahead of time, but think about your own situation if something happens to you. You may find this to be a benefit that you want to make sure you have in your travel plan.

Return of minor children

If you are traveling with minor children you need to think about what happens to them if you are hospitalized or need to be evacuated for medical care. Maybe you’re a grandparent traveling with your grandchildren. There are many circumstances where illness or injury to you might create a difficult situation for the children when left unattended.

This coverage will provide payment of airfare for the children to return to their home and if necessary the cost of someone to accompany them to their home destination.

Other Specialty coverages

There are many other specialty coverages travel insurance carriers have designed to meet special needs of travelers. Some offer a special golf package plan that reimburses you for among other things, pre-paid green fees if your golf outing is canceled because of weather.

Or if you are delayed in returning home and your pet needs additional boarding and care. This can reimburse you for those costs.

There are coverages designed specifically for hikers and backpackers. If you are going to participate in these kinds of activities these may be just what you need.

With coverages available today, it is important for you to think about what your particular needs may be ahead of time. Everyone’s situation is a little different. One type of travel plan does not meet every need.

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