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Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical InsuranceFor many people the medical benefits included in standard travel insurance policies is a major reason for buying travel protection in the first place. If you’re traveling outside your home country your existing medical coverage may not provide you adequate coverage or any coverage at all.

If you want or need medical coverage when you travel but for whatever reason you don’t want to spend the money for a policy that also includes trip cancellation or any of the other common benefits, a travel medical insurance policy will probably be what you want to look at.

Primary Purpose

 As the name implies, travel medical insurance has as its primary purpose emergency medical and evacuation protection; not trip cancellation or the many trip delay benefits commonly found in other plans.

These plans usually also cover emergency dental services as a result of an accident. Emergency medical transportation (ambulance service) to a local medical facility is provided.

One of the major features of many of these plans is the emergency medical evacuation coverage. If you are injured or become ill where you need to be evacuated to a medical facility that can properly provide required medical care, medical evacuation coverage will be critical. The cost of providing this can be exceedingly expensive – not something you’ll want to pay yourself.

Many of these plans will also include some form of accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage and possibly some other limited life insurance coverage. All plans are different so you need to compare plans before you buy.

You might also find some of these plans offering “package plan” type coverages such as limited trip cancellation or delay benefits. But for the most part these plans are targeted toward the overseas traveler who wants to be sure they have the necessary emergency medical coverages.

Less Expensive

A medical plan can save you money. The cost of this type of coverage is based on your age, the amount of coverage you select and your length of stay. Policies that include trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage loss, delay and other coverages are primarily based on the total cost of the trip.

So if you want to save some money, and these other coverages are not as important to you, this is a very affordable alternative.

Who Might Find this Type of Plan Beneficial?

Here are some of the situations where medical travel insurance is most beneficial:

  • For US citizens whose typical health insurance does not provide the necessary coverage outside the country or provides only a very limited amount of coverage outside the US.
  • For senior citizens on Medicare or Medicaid traveling outside the country. Medicare and Medicaid coverage does not extend outside the US. And most Medigap policies provide very limited coverage.
  • Travelers who plan on visiting fairly remote locations and become ill or injured will certainly want to have medical evacuation insurance to get them safely to a proper medical facility.
  • Travelers who will be visiting several countries on their trip will want to be assured of having the same coverage benefits wherever they are.

How to Find Medical Travel Insurance

Like buying any travel insurance policy, the best way to find the plan that will meet your needs for the best value is to shop and compare. All plans are different. You need to read and compare the specifics of any plan you might be considering. Know what your specific needs are before you buy.

Do a little research and you’ll find the right plan that will give you the peace of mind that goes with knowing you have the right protection.


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