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Trip Delay and Baggage or Personal Effects Loss Protection

Missed FlightTrip delays are something it seems can’t be avoided these days when you travel – especially by air. Most people accept them in stride. But there can be consequences and you need to protect yourself as best you can. That’s why another big reason for travel insurance is the coverage for uncontrollable circumstances that arise to delay your trip.

Travel Delays

Weather and missed flight connections can wreck a well planned vacation before it even gets started. If weather causes flight delays the airlines will do their best to get you on your way but if flights are canceled due to weather you are pretty much on your own.

Travel insurance benefits will cover basic needs such as a hotel room and meals if the delay is for a reason covered in the plan. It usually starts with delays over a certain amount of time such as 6 or more hours but depends on the plan you have.

Missed Connections

The big problem with travel delays is if you miss a connection. These can really cause problems where you have a deadline to get to your travel destination such as a cruise departure. Missing your sailing time can mean a lot of headaches trying to arrange alternate transportation to get you caught up and back on schedule.

Delay coverages will provide a certain amount of reimbursement to get you back on track. The amount will depend on the plan you have.

Baggage Coverage

When you check baggage with an airline your luggage has limited coverage if it is lost or stolen while it is with the airline. There are strict limits on what will be paid for the bags and the contents if lost or damaged. But remember, there a many things that can happen to your luggage while you are away. It can be stolen or lost while transferring to a hotel or ship. It can be damaged in any number of ways.

Baggage coverage will provide for the replacement value up to the limits of the policy for any individual items and the luggage itself.

Delayed Baggage Coverage

When you arrive at your destination but your luggage doesn’t, what do you do? Those first few days without clothes and other personal items can be very inconvenient. That’s where the delayed baggage benefits come to the rescue.

Your plan will provide specific amounts that will be paid for essential items you need. This will usually include personal toiletries and items of clothing until your luggage catches up with you.

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