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Trip Interruption Insurance

Unfortunately circumstances can arise that can cause your trip to be ended prematurely. Trip interruption insurance will reimburse you for 100% or more of the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip. This coverage goes into effect after you have departed whereas trip cancellation coverage is effective before you depart.

Trip Interruption Benefits

You will find that the benefits under this coverage cover many of the same types of situations as the trip cancellation benefits of a standard travel insurance policy. This stands to reason because most of the same things that can cause a trip to be canceled before you leave can also cause you to interrupt your trip after you have left, such as:

  • Sickness of you or travel companions,
  • Injury or illness to you or traveling companions,
  • Natural disasters at your destination,
  • Terrorism or mandatory evacuations at your destination,
  • And other covered events.

You will usually be reimbursed up to the maximum limit of your policy for all forfeited insured trip costs and any additional transportation costs incurred to get you back home, or if you are able to rejoin your trip at some point or to the original trip destination.

Benefits to get you home will be paid for the same class of air travel as your original ticket.

Single Occupancy Reimbursement

If you are travelling with a companion and they need to interrupt their trip or return home you may be reimbursed for any additional cost you incur as a result of a change in occupancy rate because your companion who was sharing the accommodations needed to cancel the remaining portion of their trip. This again is based on any prepaid, nonrefundable charges. It would not apply to any accommodations you booked after your departure and had to pay a single occupancy rate just for yourself.

As we always emphasize, all policies are not alike. You need to take the time to understand what’s contained in the schedule of benefits for the policy you are considering. It is highly recommended that you compare plans before you buy. That way you will see the difference in coverages and maximum limits before you select the one best for you.

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