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Why Travel Insurance When You have Other Insurance?

Travel Insurance

So many people often ask me why I’m always recommending travel insurance. Because this is such an important question I’m going to answer it right here. A lot of my friends tell me they’re not all that worried about their luggage getting lost or delayed flights and missed connections.That’s what traveling is all about these days. You just have to expect things like that. If something gets stolen or lost and never found they say “what do you think I have personal insurance for?”

So they may have insurance that would cover these losses, but there are some things that insurance won’t cover. Missed the sailing of your cruise because of delayed flights and missed connections? How about all that extra money to try and catch it at the next port? But one of the most important reasons for travel insurance is the medical coverage it can provide.Many health insurance plans don’t have the type of coverage you may want or need when traveling especially if you are traveling internationally.

What if you become seriously ill and need to be evacuated to a medical facility that can properly treat you? The cost of transportation can be an enormous out-of-pocket expense. And many times payment is required up front.Depending upon the circumstances a medical evacuation can cost you $50,000 or more.This is not something most people are prepared to handle on the spur of the moment. If you ever need to be evacuated for treatment you want to be able to pick where they take you – not where they want to take you.

For seniors traveling and on medicare, remember Medicare and Medicaid provide virtually no coverage outside the United States. Even many Medicare Supplements provide limited coverage and certainly not if you need to be evacuated for treatment.The bottom line is why take a chance? For the cost of good travel insurance today it’s worth the peace of mind to know your adequately protected. The unexpected can always happen – be prepared.To my way of thinking travel insurance is a no brainer.

So to answer the question of why travel insurance when you might have other insurance – it’s for the special coverages particularly the medical benefits you might need while traveling.Make sure you the right medical benefits you might need. And one last thing, if you are traveling on a visa, you will probably be required to show that you have adequate travel health insurance before that visa will be issued.

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